Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural molecule present in our body (skin, eyes and joints) with the main function of absorbing water, improving skin hydration, skin elasticity and to create or enhance volume. 

As we age, our own body's production of HA diminishes leading to a loss of volume and sagging skin. 

HA injections are performed to recover the loss of volume, giving also an hydration boost to our skin and stimulating the collagen production.  

HA is a safe degradable substance used in aesthetics for more than 20 years with a long proven record of benefits and human safety.  As a result, HA is today widely all over the world in aesthetic-dermatological  and plastic surgery clinics. 

The HA used in Variofill® for Gluteal Augmentation  and all our dermal fillers (Hyabell® & Varidoerm®) is 100% purified hyaluronic acid of non animal origin.



The Hyaluronic Acid used in aesthetic clinics is sterile gel, delivered in syringes that can only be injected by a medical professional. 

It will reduce wrinkles and/or create volume. With some products such as Hyabell® Ultra, Hyabell® Deep or Varioderm® Subdermal you can even reshape the facial contours without the need of surgery. 
As Hyaluronic Acid is a degradable substance, in case of unsatisfactory results those won't be permanent and can be corrected to achieve the desired result.

15 years ago ADODERM developed its own technology to deliver highly viscoelastic hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, filling the need for natural and durable results in aesthetics. 

Combining our expertise and working closely with highly experienced plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic doctors in Germany, Netherlands and France, we have designed Variofill® for Gluteal Augmentation, a solution for those patients in search to improve and to personalize the shape, volume and contour of the buttock area with a soft natural-feeling result.

With Variofill® for Gluteal Augmentation we offer a wide range of unique hyaluronic acid concentrations and physical properties, in benefit and satisfaction of patients and doctors.