Not all hyaluronic acid fillers are the same:

Despite being the same molecule, hyaluronic acid fillers differs between each one on many features: 
Concentration, Rheology, Particle size, production process, formula... 
Variofill® for Gluteal Augmentation is a highly concentrated and viscoelastic HA filler, thus it can't not be injected in other areas than buttocks and must be injected only into the gluteal fat subcutaneous tissue.

Check no contra-indications exists:

Check the product insert and check if any contraindication exists. 

Check for medical / clinical history:

Variofill® for Gluteal Augmentation can't be injected if there is presence of any other implant in the area. 

Take before pictures:

It is highly recommended to always have before and after pictures to record your results and track product's performance. 
In the market there are several options of imagery software that analyze the volume creation,  increasing the trust and your results in regards with your patient. 

Food intake before operation:

Ask the patient to avoid food products that act as blood thinners at least 1 week before and to prioritize the intake of water or tea 48 hours before the treatment and no alcohol and to avoid eating exotic, spicy or unusual food that may affect her digestion. 

Clean the area thoroughly:

Per precaution clean / disinfect carefully the area at least 2 times in order before the first injection. 

Check material and working space:

Needless to say, but it is always important to have at hand the correct and sufficient working material, patient consent signed and enough space to work.

Cover the area

After injection, clean and perform a massage to spread evenly the hyaluronic acid gel. Cover the area with adhesive bandage (e.g. Fixomull) and plan a post treatment care with check control appointment.

Which cannula to select. Click here to see a short video.